Assistance with Foodservices During the Pandemic- Volume 1

Published on April 24, 2020
Assistance with Foodservices During the Pandemic- Volume 1

The Coronavirus (COVID 19) Pandemic has caused a lot of changes to our daily work and social lives. One thing that has kept constant is the importance of a well-balanced, nutritious diet for all ages. 

To assist our members from different sectors, Procurement Australasia’s Foodservice Ambassador, Dr Karen Abbey, will be sharing tips, recipes and developments in the food services industry. Watch this space for regular updates!

Health/Aged Care sector:

Boosting immunity of aged care residents

As we age, our immune system weakens, leaving us more susceptible to infections. Respiratory infections like influenza and the COVID-19 virus are forms of pneumonia, one of the leading causes of death for those aged over 65. 

Education sector:

Canteen meal idea- Trumps Granola Cranberry & Apple Yoghurt Cups

Yoghurt cups are an easy-to-assemble meal idea for school breakfast programs or served at the school canteen. The ability to combine fresh and dried fruit, cereal and dairy makes it versatile and customisable to dietary requirements. These ingredients help pack yoghurt cups with protein, calcium, fibre and minerals for growing bodies and minds. 

Featured Supplier:


‘Procurement Australasia partners with Bidfood to provide our not-for-profit members with access to all major foodservice national brands. Bidfood has now launched a Home delivery service and made this available for all members personal purchases offering a 10% discount for your home groceries.

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