Boost Workplace Productivity with Winc

Published on October 20, 2020
Boost Workplace Productivity with Winc

Improving ROI, doing more with less, finding ways to be more efficient – organisations are continuously looking at how they can enable their people to be more productive.

Productivity is a key contributor to organisational growth. Positive impacts include greater profitability, lower operational costs, enhanced employee wellbeing and improved morale.

Research shows the environment in which employees work has an enormous impact on their ability to concentrate and stay focused on the task at hand1. That means how organisations set up their workspaces, whether it’s in a traditional office environment or employees working from home, is vitally important when it comes to generating results and being effective.

But that doesn’t have to mean a complete office redesign or refit. Simple solutions like adequate airflow, good lighting and a clutter free desk – whether working in the office or from home – can make all the difference.

Common Productivity Pitfalls

  1. Noise levels – Excessive noise levels can be stressful, distracting and impact an employee’s ability to stay on task. The typical office worker is interrupted once every 11 minutes2. While quiet workspaces are one way to deal with this, noise cancelling headphones can be a good option for those working in open plan environments.
  2. Disorganised workspaces – The average employee wastes up to 4.3 hours a week looking for papers, which adds frustration to the workday while reducing concentration. Clutter can have a direct effect on productivity as physical surroundings significantly influence cognition, emotions and behaviour. Keep desks organised by providing employees with adequate storage and filing space to retain important documents and avoid distraction. Conduct desk clean-ups on a regular basis.
  3. Getting hot under the collar – Rising temperatures have been shown to impact productivity. Researchers from the University of Chicago have found that the value of output in manual workers declines by about three per cent for every degree above the average temperature. The study shows that productivity drops by as much as four per cent per degree when temperatures rise above 27 degrees Celsius4. Keep workers comfortable during the summer months by providing adequate cooling for increased concentration and productivity.
  4. Negative emotions – Experiencing negative emotions, such as stress, anxiety and uncertainty can have a direct effect on productivity. Keep an open channel of communication and ensure employees have access to wellness programs to keep the balance in check.
  5. Lack of recognition in the workplace – A lack of recognition in
    the workplace can lead to disengagement and a dramatic drop in productivity. Find ways to recognise and reward effort on a regular basis.
  6. Too much remote working – Loneliness from lack of interaction or feelings of isolation can have an adverse effect on productivity and weaken morale. If remote working over long periods is necessary, make sure employees stay connected.

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Procurement Australasia partners with Winc to support our members with Office Supplies solutions to boost productivity at your workplaces. Winc representatives are happy to conduct an audit of your office product purchases to identify what your employees may be missing out on and how this could be impacting workplace productivity. In the process, Winc can help identify ways to save you time and money by centralising your spend and minimising leakage. Get in touch today to discover how Winc can help deliver the best office product solutions for your workplace.

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