IP Voice

IP Telephony is the method of using SIP trunk technology connected to your dedicated data network to support business quality voice calls.

IP Telephony doesn’t involve expensive equipment or excessive capital expenditure. Depending on your requirements, we offer pre-packaged end to end solutions through to fully customised and configured solutions.

Operation and management of your telephony systems can become simplified and provide benefits such as:

  • Real-time administration for system managers.
  • Intuitive, desktop-based control for users.
  • Seamless flexibility for mobile and remote users.


Our IP Telephony solutions are delivered via the Buroserv IP network, an enterprise-grade network with 99.99% availability. We use Quality of Service prioritisation and management of voice quality, so you have the reassurance of business-grade voice quality and reliability. Furthermore, with disaster recovery options, a much greater service of continuity is available compared to traditional telephony.

Procurement Australia Video Conferencing benefits:

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    Real time administration for system managers

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    Intuitive, desktop-based control for users

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    Seamless flexibility for mobile and remote users

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