Wednesday, 29 June 2022

    Parish goes electronic

    Fumbling coins at the bottom of your wallet or purse, or altogether forgetting cash may well be problems of the past as another parish trials electronic collection plates, the Catholic Leader reports.

    Sunnybank parish joined Caloundra parish as the second parish in Brisbane archdiocese trialling electronic collection plates.

    Sunnybank parish administrator Fr Stephen Camiolo said it was a good idea because in many ways we had become a cashless society.

    “And a lot of people, especially younger people, they don’t carry notes or coins.

    “So it’s just an opportunity to help with technology they’re used to.”

    Fr Camiolo said the parish finance council had been looking at adding electronic collection plates for months.

    Sunnybank has trialled two electronic collection plates and is on its third week this weekend.

    He said on the first week the parish recorded 27 taps at a pre-set amount of $5 by just having two people stand outside the front doors.

    Two plates were not enough to cover the whole church, so it was only a limited trial.

    Fr Camiolo said it was simple for parishioners to use.

    The plates are fashioned like a regular collection plate except one section has an electronic transaction surface, where you can tap a debit or credit card to pay out a pre-set dollar amount.

    He also said, as a parish, it was easy to operate the technology.

    “The parish manager, she can download the information on Monday morning – how many were times they were used (and) the dollar value, and then it just goes into the account,” Fr Camiolo said.

    But he said this technology would not replace traditional methods of giving.


    Sunnybank parish launches electronic collection plates offering a new way for parishioners to give (Catholic Leader)


    Charity tech: Sunnybank and Acacia Ridges parishes’ Rey Tubelleza holding the two electronic collection plates. Photo: Alan Edgecomb