Wednesday, 29 June 2022
    Aged Care, 031219

    $537M boost for aged care

    More than 10,000 new packages to allow elderly Australians to remain in their home for longer will be rolled out from December 1 as the Morrison government moves to address damning revelations in the scandal-prone aged care sector, the Brisbane Times reports.

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday promised $537 million to increase home care packages, reduce the use of chemical restraints and get younger people out of residential aged care as recommended in the aged care royal commission’s interim report.

    Weeks after the interim report into aged care was handed down, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a funding boost to tackle three key areas outlined during the royal commission.

    Mr Morrison said the commission was a “very uncomfortable” exercise for all Australians that revealed disturbing scandals involving the treatment of vulnerable older people.

    “I want to assure all Australians that we will deal with these issues as you would if you were standing in my shoes today,” Mr Morrison said. “I know quite precisely the sorts of things that you are thinking about at the moment when it comes to the treatment of your loved ones in aged care.”

    The new measures include providing better medication management and dementia training for nursing home staff, and introducing new targets to remove younger people with disabilities from residential facilities.

    The additional 10,000 home care packages, at a cost of $496.3 million, will be for level three and four packages, which provide a high level of care.

    The final royal commission report is due on November 12, 2020.


    Morrison pledges $537m for aged care in response to royal commission (Brisbane Times)