Tuesday, 16 April 2024

    World Vision slashes staff

    Following a review of World Vision Australian operations, acting CEO Graham Strong announced last week that the organization would be reducing staff numbers, Devex reports.

    “In the process of that review, it became clear that World Vision faced the prospect of having to curtail or cut some of our essential program work if we did not immediately address the issue of our operating costs, in response to the changing charities market,” Strong revealed in a statement.

    “It was also clear that if we did not address the immediate challenge of growing our funding, we could no longer guarantee our commitment to derive the maximum possible impact from the donations to our vital work in the field,” he continued.

    Exclusive details from within World Vision Australia meetings communicated to Devex reveals that these cuts will see a 14% reduction in positions, which aim to create a cost-saving of approximately $20 million Australian dollars ($14.3 million).

    According to the 2019 World Vision Australia annual report, the organization had 430 employees, the majority with full-time positions. While the staff numbers for contractors before the announcement was 505.

    Under the changes, positions that are currently vacant will not be filled, and fixed-term contracts coming to an end will not be renewed. Areas of job cuts are expected to be focused on retail sales, marketing, and philanthropic and private sector partnerships. As part of the organizational review, there has been a consolidation of positions that will see staff potentially reassigned or offered the option of applying for a new role. The new staffing structure will be finalized by the end of September to align with its financial year.

    In total, 70 roles will be impacted with 40 staff expected to lose roles within the organization.


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