Sunday, 26 June 2022
    Aged Care

    Tech matchmakes caregivers

    According to the United Nations, people 65-years-old and over is the fastest-growing age group worldwide. At the same time, there is also an acute shortage of caregivers in many countries, complicated by high rates of burnout in the profession, Tech Crunch reports.

    “It’s absolutely one of the most important social topics and global issues,” Homage co-founder and chief executive Gillian Tee told Tech Crunch during her Disrupt session.

    Launched in Singapore four years ago, Homage’s platform uses a matchmaking engine to help families find the best caregivers, while its telehealth platform provides services like online medical consultations and screenings. It has since expanded in Malaysia and yesterday announced a new strategic investment from Infocom, one of the largest healthcare technology companies in Japan. The partnership will enable Homage to accelerate its Asia-Pacific expansion.

    Before launching Homage, Tee was co-founder of New York-based Rocketrip, a ticket-booking platform. But in 2016, Tee decided to return to Singapore, her home country, after living abroad for about 15 years.

    Tee knew that she wanted to launch another company, but she didn’t decide to tackle the caregiving space immediately. That idea materialized when several of her close relatives were diagnosed with chronic conditions that needed specialized care.

    “We didn’t know how to cope or how even to start thinking about what was required, and that was when I realized, wow, I needed to get myself schooled in many ways,” Tee said.

    Families often rely on word-of-mouth or agencies to find caregivers, a complicated, time-intensive and often emotionally difficult process. Homage uses matching algorithms to make it easier.

    Then its matching technology decides which caregivers are best suited for a patient.

    “We need to start building infrastructure to enable people to be able to access the kind of care services that they need, and so we really align in terms of that mission with Infocom,” said Tee.


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