Sunday, 21 April 2024

    Cutting the red tape

    With seven different pieces of fundraising legislation across Australia’s states and territories, it’s time that simpler, more streamlined laws are created in order to assist the charity sector, the Governance Institute says.

    Stepping up calls for more coherent and consistent laws, CEO of Governance Institute Megan Motto said the charitable sector is currently weighed down in red tape, a situation that the corporate sector simply would not stand for.

    “The sector needs be far less polite about the urgency of this overhaul and that’s why today we are stepping up our calls for an overhaul of fundraising laws, ideally in time for the fast-approaching Christmas giving season,” Ms Motto said.

    “A nationally consistent framework would enable the sector – committed to assisting some of society’s most vulnerable – to be able to react faster in times of crisis, more efficiently, and be better able to act on its purpose. Being tangled up in red tape only serves to distract them from core work.” 

    As many in the charity sector reel from the impact of the pandemic this year, with a drop in volunteers and face-to-face fundraising events, Ms Motto said the failings of the current system have been brought to boiling point.

    “The regulatory burden on charities is intense – and it should be a strong spotlight because of the important work they do for society’s most vulnerable people. Transparency is key and every dollar needs to be accounted for,” Ms Motto said.

    “However, when the compliance requirements are as high and unnecessary as we are currently seeing, it can prompt inefficiencies and waste. Chariites simply cannot be as fast-acting as they should – and want – to be.”

    Ms Motto said a charity fundraising law overhaul is essential from a governance perspective.


    Cutting the red tape burden for the charity sector (Governance Institute)