Wednesday, 29 June 2022
    109,000 care workers surveyed
    Aged Care

    109,000 care workers surveyed

    A new large-scale, longitudinal research project is providing an unprecedented insight into the perspective of aged care workers across the country, Aged Care News reports.

    The Workforce Narrative (the Narrative) created by the Aged Care Workforce Industry Council (ACWIC), collates 10 years’ worth of BPA Analytics data from 109,000 Australian aged care employees.

    Louise O’Neill, chief executive officer of the ACWIC, tells Aged Care News that it is the most comprehensive survey of aged care workers to date.

    “The Department of Health undertook the 2020 Aged Care Census, but that didn’t include any data collected directly from the workforce itself, and the 2016 National Aged Care Workforce Survey… contained data from workers, but that was a total of 11,192 workers at that time.

    “The Narrative… because it’s longitudinal, it gives you 20 questions that people have answered over that time: it tells a story.”

    And it is a story that paints a picture of a uniquely altruistic workforce.

    Whilst all healthcare workers are heralded as some of the most caring members of society at large, aged care workers list ‘resident/client interaction’ as their primary motivation for working in the industry at a higher rate than all other healthcare roles.

    In contrast, other healthcare workers consistently rank ‘good location, good reputation, job security and/or good opportunities’ over the value of working with consumers.

    This unique character may be subject to change, however, as the average age of aged care workers is consistently decreasing, year on year.

    “Altruism is still important, but it’s changing,” O’Neill says.

    “What you’re seeing now is that workers are reporting a number of things that are important to them, like their career, like their job opportunities, security of being in the workforce.”


    Deep-dive into the opinions of 109,000 aged care employees provides invaluable feedback (Aged Care News)


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