Tuesday, 9 August 2022
    Charities told to prepare better

    Charities told to prepare better

    The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commissioner has advised prospective charities to ‘do their research’ to ensure they meet the requirements to officially register, The Mandarin reports.

    New information released by the ACNC shows more than half of applications to register as an official charity were unsuccessful last financial year.

    Of the nearly 5,886 applications to register a charity that the commission processed in 2020-21, 862 were withdrawn and 151 were refused for being ineligible. Another almost 2,000 applications were closed as incomplete.

    In a statement, commissioner Dr Gary Johns said he applauded those motivated to join the 60,000 other registered charities in Australia, going on to advise people to do thorough research before starting the process of establishing their own.

    “It is important to consider a range of matters, including the legal structure and governance framework most appropriate for your charity’s operations,” Dr Johns said, adding that applicants should include a governing document, such as a constitution, setting out their charitable purposes.

    “We use that information to determine eligibility to be registered as a charity or for a particular charity sub-type,” he said.


    Groups seeking charity status told to better prepare (The Mandarin)