Tuesday, 16 April 2024
    Edisons of the suburbs

    Edisons of the suburbs

    Sue Hamerton has been a violinist and teacher for over 40 years, ABC Science reports. Her career has taken her to Germany, England, South Africa and now home to Melbourne, where she teaches in her home studio and a number of schools.

    For years, Sue has tried to put some kind of framework around teaching an instrument as complex as the violin.

    And the pandemic gave her the opportunity.

    "When COVID struck, I was terrified that children would want to give up their instruments, that the motivation to continue wouldn't be the same," she says.

    So the 58-year-old decided to create an online game for her students called Enchanted Quest.

    Bach had always been one of Sue's favourite composers, so Enchanted Quest was set in Bach's German hometown of Eisenach.

    It takes place in an enchanted forest where students can learn the skills needed to claim the legendary Book of Spells. 

    Those skills include posture, continuity of sound and movement, and right- and left-hand accuracy. 

    By creating an enchanted story around the skills, Sue hopes the game will give students both a conscious understanding of them, and help consolidate them.


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    Sue Hamerton is proud of what she has been able to create, and hopes to continue growing the project.(Supplied: Sue Hamerton)