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    Older renters forced into aged care
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    Older renters forced into aged care

    Older renters are being forced to move into accommodation that may be unsuitable, like residential aged care homes, due to financial challenges in the rental market, Hello Care reports.

    A recent report from charity organisation Anglicare Australia is calling for more social housing and increased tenant rights to prevent older Australians from moving into aged care earlier than they need to.

    Anglicare Australia released the Ageing in Place report, which surveyed 500 older people about ageing at home, housing accessibility and housing affordability.

    Despite almost 90% older renters stating they wish to age at home, increasing rents and a limited private rental market is making that difficult, said Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers.

    Anglicare revealed that 72% of older renters said cost was the biggest barrier to them ageing at home.

    Limited options in the rental market has forced some to move into residential aged care homes when they don’t need to, facilities that are often already under pressure due to staffing shortages.

    “Our case studies with renters all mentioned a real lack of hope that they could have a good ageing experience,” said Ms Chambers.

    “However, the whole model of financing your ageing is predicated on having your own home, while our reliance on the private rental market in Australia makes things difficult for many groups of renters, especially those with limited finances.

    “Older renters are pretty invisible in the property conversation and if we don’t do something for this cohort there are very few options available if they can’t afford the private rental market or if they need even a small amount of help at home.”

    Contributing factors to financial hardship include rising rents and an increasing cost of living, while those on the Age Pension are incredibly restricted to accommodation they are able to afford that may not be accessible, even with extra supplements on top of their pension.

    Anglicare’s 2022: Rental Affordability Snapshot found that less than 1% of the available homes in the private rental market are affordable to people on the Age Pension.


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