Tuesday, 16 April 2024
    The true meaning of Christmas

    The true meaning of Christmas

    With decorations hanging around our homes and indulgent feasts in the works, there’s no doubt that Christmas is a time of celebration with our loved ones to cherish our blessings and the year gone by, Caritas Australia reminds us.

    Yet, for the millions of people living in poverty worldwide, their Christmas can starkly contrast our own. As the holiday season draws near, it’s crucial that we remember all the vulnerable people worldwide that still need support.

    The Facts

    689 MILLION people live in extreme poverty

    70% of people older than 15 living in extreme poverty have no schooling or only some basic education

    1.6 BILLION live in inadequate housing

    1 IN 3 around the world do not have access to food

    How you can help those in need this Christmas

    With the ongoing ramifications of COVID-19, conflict in Ukraine, famine and climate change, many people across the world remain impacted by these devastating events.

    Those displaced have no four walls to call their own, moving from one shelter to another for their safety and protection. Struggling families continue to worry whether they’ll have food daily, let alone on Christmas day. And millions won’t be able to afford presents to give their loved ones as the cost of living continues to drastically rise.

    Christmas invites us all to show kindness, especially towards these communities facing hardship. Christmas gift donations are a way for many of us to participate in the season of giving and give back to those in need.

    Here are two ways you can give back this Christmas:

    1. Donate to help vulnerable families worldwide

    2. Send a Global Gift

    Now more than ever, Christmas is a time to show solidarity to those in need. In whatever way you express your compassion - whether it be a Christmas donation, a Global Gift, or an act of kindness - know that even the smallest of actions can truly make a lasting impact for our brothers and sisters worldwide.

    How will you give back this Christmas?


    The True Meaning of Christmas: Giving to Those in Need (Caritas)