Tuesday, 9 August 2022
    Tinned food prices rising

    Tinned food prices rising

    A tin of SPC tomatoes has not risen in price for a decade, but that's about to change, ABC News reports.

    High iron ore prices mean more expensive tins, rising fuel costs will affect distribution and imports, and even record wheat prices will see more expensive spaghetti.

    "Every week, we are seeing more prices, import costs, commodities passed onto us," Mr Giles said.

    "We have notified our retailers of our intention to move price … so it's up to them in terms of how much they pass on," he said.

    "We will be working to, unfortunately, see our prices move up. We have tried to absorb them wherever we can.

    "A can of Ardmona tomatoes hasn't gone up in 10 years, but we have just got to the stage where [costs] are so significant we have had to pass them onto our consumers."

    This year's inflation has taken Mr Giles, who has decades of experience in the sector, by surprise.

    "I've been in the industry over 30 years, and this is as large as I have seen," he said.

    "I think the drought in the early part of the century would probably be the only other major [rise] outside the GST introduction piece, but this definitely is the largest wave of inflation I have seen on so many areas.

    "All the commodities that I touch along the supply chain seem to be passing this through to us."

    Charitable organisations like Albury Wodonga Regional FoodShare, which helps provide food to people in need in the region, is bracing for a surge in demand due to inflation.

    General manager, Peter Matthews, said it would take a few weeks for vulnerable people to change their shopping habits and realise they no longer could afford groceries.


    Prices for SPC tinned food set to rise, impacting vulnerable people and charities (ABC News)


    Food charity manager Peter Matthews warns it will be more difficult to put food on the table for some.(ABC Goulburn Murray: Jackson Peck)