Wednesday, 29 June 2022
    Women, low-income areas 'most generous'

    Women, low-income areas 'most generous'

    Women and people in low-income areas are among the most generous donors, a Red Cross survey shows according to 7News..

    Women and low-income earners are among Australia's most generous in times of crisis, research shows.

    An Australian Red Cross study reveals women gave more money and donated more often than men when it came to worthy causes.

    Data collected from January 2019 to April 2022 shows 183,940 women donated a total of $91.37 million, while 129,539 men donated $88.96 million.

    The data also shows the generosity of people in low-income areas matched wealthy Australians as a percentage of their area's median income, and they gave more than middle-income areas.

    Residents of low-income and high-income areas gave 0.13 per cent of their area's median incomes, while those in middle-income areas gave less, at 0.11 per cent.

    "This has been the case throughout 2020 and 2021," Australian Red Cross state and territory operations director Poppy Brown said.

    "Despite women and people on lower incomes being (disproportionately) affected by the pandemic, the rising cost of living, and slow wage growth, this trend is only growing."

    The Red Cross says throughout the first four months of 2022, women and those in low-income areas have donated an estimated $21 million.


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