Sunday, 21 April 2024
    World's biggest green hydrogen plant for SA

    World's biggest green hydrogen plant for SA

    A planned $593 million green hydrogen plant at Whyalla will be the biggest in the world.

    The project is already attracting global interest that will spark more such plants, unlocking even more ventures in the future.

    A $20 billion bonanza of renewable energy projects at South Australia sites has been already publicly unveiled as being linked to the plant

    By building the biggest-scale hydrogen production facility in the world as part of the Hydrogen Jobs Plan, the state government will increase the demand for clean energy to unlock more of the renewables' "pipeline".


    World's biggest green hydrogen plant set to be built at Whyalla, possibly at Point Lowly (Victor Harbor Times)


    Quantum Hydrogen on Graphene / Wikipedia / CCA BY SA 2.0