Sunday, 22 May 2022

    CEO flies economy

    Katherine Raskob, chief executive of the Fundraising Institute Australia, the national peak body for fundraisers and organisations representing professional Australian fundraising, talks travel with the Australian Financial Review.

    First, business or economy?
    Economy. I work for a non-profit sector association, and our members are non-profits as well.

    Favourite destination
    I love New Zealand. It’s a three-hour flight from Sydney and has everything you could ask for – the ocean, mountains, great wine and more.

    Worst place you’ve been lost
    I have been lost a few times over the years, including in Hong Kong and Tokyo, where everything looks very foreign. But it doesn’t usually worry me as I’m good at asking for directions and end up discovering places I hadn’t known to look for.

    Most like to travel with and why
    My son and I have travelled a lot together over the years. We’re a good team. We’re both generally positive and can handle most situations with ease. We also talk a lot about everything, so that passes the time waiting in airports.

    Cure for jet lag
    Get straight into the time zone you’re headed to and be ruthless about not taking daytime naps.

    Other travel tips
    Everyone says you should drink a lot of water and have no alcohol on flights. But I always start holiday trips with a glass of champagne. It signals the embracing of new and exciting things.


    Why CEO Katherine Raskob always flies economy (Australian Financial Review)


    Katherine Raskob outside Queenstown in New Zealand, her favourite destination. Supplied