Tuesday, 17 May 2022
    Aged Care

    World-first dementia treatment

    Spurred on by the loss of his grandparents to Alzheimer’s disease, Warrnambool’s Dr Tim Morgan has created a new dementia nasal spray to help sufferers live longer, The Standard reports.

    Dr Morgan has received a $438,000 federal government grant to help get the world-first Rivastigmine Nasal Spray to the commercial market.

    The product reduces the risk of a dementia patient dying by 10 to 30 per cent and works in a similar way to existing oral and patch treatments but without many of the side effects, including nausea and skin irritation.

    “My nanna was particularly proud of me when I graduated, she passed away with Alzheimer’s dementia and that was one of my motivations to do this,” he said.

    “Both my grandparents had Alzheimer’s dementia and went off therapy because of tolerability issues. The nasal spray is solving that issue by improving tolerability so the patients can stay on the optimal and higher doses for longer.

    “I don’t want anyone else to go through what my family did.”

    He said the product will help dementia-sufferers stay at home for longer.

    “It’s not a cure, but it keeps them at home longer living independently. Doctors call it a stabilising treatment,” he said.

    It’s about providing patients with hope.


    Federal government grant for world-first dementia treatment invented in Warrnambool (The Standard)


    Dr Tim Morgan from Warrnambool’s company Lachesis Biosciences Limited have received funding for a nasal spray to help treat dementia. Picture: Anthony Brady