Tuesday, 17 May 2022

    iOS 14 will impact Facebook ads

    You’ve probably heard about the Apple iOS 14 changes and how they present a risk to those who rely on Facebook ads, writes James Lawrence, the co-founder of Rocket Agency at Marketing Mag.

    However, if you’re like a lot of marketers and business owners, you may still be unclear about what it will mean for the effectiveness of your marketing spend now and in the future.

    That’s because the current situation is confusing and the impact of these changes is not fully known.

    The big issue for advertisers is one of how privacy permissions are set within apps installed on Apple devices. Going forward, mobile and tablet users will have to opt-in for tracking or granting access to their data. This update will let people choose between the options of ‘Allow Tracking’ or ‘Ask App Not To Track’ when installing a new App.

    The important thing to understand is that the default in iOS 14 will be for tracking to be disallowed. A user will have to click a button for tracking to work. This is potentially a game changer and is what has got so many people worked up.

    What this will mean

    The million dollar question is, ‘How many people, when faced with the privacy alert, will opt-in to being tracked?’. The short answer is – not very many, and this is a major concern for both Facebook and advertisers.

    If so, there will be a dramatic shift in how marketers can target their audiences and understand the context of their conversions. How big this impact will be remains unknown. However, if we assume that a large percentage of app users take the privacy path, smaller businesses will be most affected in terms of advertising. This change will impact their ability to reach their specific audiences in a cost-effective way.


    What iOS 14 will mean for your Facebook ads (Marketing Mag)