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    5 ways to make offices sustainable

    5 ways to make offices sustainable

    The office is getting greener amid demand that companies take action on their commitments to sustainability and net-zero carbon emissions, JLL reports.

    Some buildings are recycling water, while others are using energy-saving glass or implementing micro-climates based on employee preferences. Such features are not only critical to companies’ green goals, but are also important for attracting and retaining the eco-conscious.

    “Employees today are more motivated to work for a company that promotes a higher standard of living for its employees and the community,” says Roddy Allan, Chief Research Officer, JLL Asia Pacific. “Workers want action on sustainability, and they want their employers to support their goals.”

    This is especially true for younger employees. Up to 81 percent of workers aged 21 to 30 expect their company to follow sustainable business practices, and 70 percent of them would prefer to work for a sustainability leader, according to a JLL survey.

    Here are five changes that companies have adopted to make their offices more sustainable.

    1. Bringing nature into the workplace
      Incorporating natural elements — such as natural lighting and ventilation, or green walls — has been proven to help reduce stress, increase attention spans, improve general wellbeing, and reduce energy costs.
    1. Recycling wastewater in office buildings
      The Salesforce Tower in San Francisco filters around 30,000 gallons of dirty water generated by the building and returns it as clean, non-potable water for use in toilets and drip irrigation.
    1. Installing smart windows
      Buildings are getting smarter with new technologies introduced. U.S. manufacturer View produces glass that automatically monitors and adjusts its transparency to control the amount of light and heat permeating indoors.
    1. Using AI and IoT for energy conservation
      Using artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) can also help drive overall efficiencies in energy consumption.
    1. Personalizing the workspace
      Spaces that give employees a level of personalization can further encourage energy savings.


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