Procurement Australasia is focused on protecting the health of our people, suppliers, members and the community at large. With the support of our purchasing team, we have secured Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for organisations, to keep your staff safe and protected.

Face Masks: KN95, KN95 with Valve and P2 Surgical Masks.

We have secured stock of certified P2 masks, KN5 masks and KN95 masks that we are able to deliver to organisations throughout Australia to support where we can during and beyond COVID-19.

All our masks registered in the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods). Please see specification sheets below and refer to the video to learn how to put on a face mask.

ARTG Number: 334432

For P2 mask compliance specification sheet

P2 3-Ply Masks

ARTG Number: 334431

For KN95 mask compliance specification sheet 

KN95 Masks

Hand Sanitisers

We provide a diverse range of sanitisers tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and requirements. Our hand sanitisers solutions will assist in protecting your most valuable assets as they return to work.

  • Certified range of hand sanitisers 
  • Hospital-Grade hand sanitisers
  • Indigenous owned sanitisers 
  • To check out our extensive range of sanitisers and further details, click here
Hand Sanitisers

Medical Protective Coveralls

We provide high-end PE coated spunbond non-woven materials, through cutting and sewing into thickened hooded bodysuits, leaving openings around the face, wrists and ankles. No waist tightening so that user can move freely.   

  • High strength and tensility, durable and tear resistance
  • Self-adhesive zipper to protect the mouth and chin
  • PE Coating enhances resistance to liquid penetration
  • High-density sewing material and zipper to enhance isolation protection
  • High elasticity offers free movement
  • Antistatic to reduce the absorption of harmful substances
  • Stops microbial transmission on two sides 
Medical Protective Coveralls

Nitrile Disposable Gloves

We have secured stock of premium quality gloves enhanced with soft-nitrile technology to assist our member organisations during and beyond the pandemic. These nitrile gloves are gentle on even the most sensitive skin and are much more affordable compared to other gloves.

  • 100% Nitrile 
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Food safe with FDA Approval and HACCP (International Food Safety Certification)
  • Latex free, vinyl free, powder free and MBT free
  • Extremely fine dexterity
  • Specification sheet: Click here 
Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Reusable Face Shields

We provide reusable, fully sanitisable Face Shield for PPE use. Strong and lightweight shields to protect your organisation and staff during and beyond COVID-19. Now in use by hospitals, GP’s, and healthcare professionals nationwide.

  • 100% Australia made and owned
  • ARTG Number: 334226
  • Shield Size: 366 x 260
  • Fog resistant and non-porous
  • Reusable with both shield and band able to be cleaned and sanitised
  • Specification sheet: Click here
Reusable Face Shields

Optically Clear Guardians

We have secured a range of simple to assemble, optically clear polycarbonate barriers for use on reception desks and counters. Easily and totally sanitisable with nowhere for viruses to hide. 

  • 100% Australia made and owned
  • Two versions: Freestanding with feet and Semi-permanent
  • Freestanding with feet Guardians: This style requires no installation. It is supplied with feet and counter secure strips
  • Semi-permanent Guardians: This style has the extra 100 mm protection on each side (wings), and comes with custom-made stainless steel clamps to affix to counter
Optically Clear Guardians

COVID-19 Social Distancing Signage

Procurement Australasia provides everything you need to get your premises ready for functioning, including floor decals, posters,
and counter signage. Designed to be easily and quickly self-installed to remind your staff and external visitors of social distancing requirements. We have floor decal options for both carpet and hard surfaces.

  • 100% Australia made and owned
  • Information posters
  • Decals
  • Restricted entry signage
  • Counter signage
  • Non-slip floor decals
COVID-19 Social Distancing Signage


Contact us today to get a “price on application” quote to ensure that we give your organisation the best pricing on the quantity that you need to order.

We are here to support your organisation through and beyond COVID-19.

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