Wednesday, 29 May 2024
    Gas shortages for ANZ affecting CO2 supply chains
    gas shortage

    Gas shortages for ANZ affecting CO2 supply chains

    The global supply chain is facing challenges due to international freight pressures and competing uses for CO2.This is impacting various sectors, including supermarkets and small craft breweries in Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, the shortage is affecting the upstream supply of gases used in the manufacturing of explosives and fertilisers in Australia. 

    BOC Linde, a Procurement Australia-approved supplier, has highlighted that international freight issues have led to supply disruptions in many industries, except for critical medical, safety, and water treatment customers.

    Content Director of gasworld European CO2 Summit 2024, Rob Cockerill, expressed concern over the evolving dynamics of the CO2 market. He warns, “Does that mean another CO2 crisis is coming? It’s potentially going to happen.” 

    To prevent these shortages from affecting your business, it is recommended to plan ahead and adopt future-proof strategies. Consider entering into long-term agreements with suppliers, instead of relying on ad-hoc arrangements, to avoid being caught off guard. For example, by engaging with suppliers like BOC Limited and Reece Australia Pty Ltd, through Procurement Australia’s Hardware, Electrical, Plumbing & Compressed Gases contract, members across all of Australia can ensure a continuous supply of compressed gases regardless of their location.

    Taking proactive measures, such as entering into long-term agreements and engaging with reliable suppliers, can help businesses mitigate the impact of these supply chain challenges.  



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