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    Government operation gunning for net zero by 2030
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    Government operation gunning for net zero by 2030

    The Australian Government’s latest move in the procurement playbook for buildings could be a game-changer.  

    The Australian government is pushing the public sector to lead the charge in slashing the country’s carbon footprint, with strategies like zero-emission vehicles and smarter building designs in their sights to achieve this.  

    The game plan, dubbed the “net zero in government operations strategy”, is set on cutting emissions across various government sectors including property, energy, procurement, fleet, and travel. Drawn from insights from consultations with the public sector, industry, and various stakeholders, the plan is informed by both local and global best practices.  

    The Department of Finance is taking the helm in aiming for a net zero target within the next seven years, overseeing disclosures, procurement rules, and setting a goal for low-emission vehicles in the government’s fleet.  

    At the same time, the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment, and Water will handle climate risk management and sustainable government procurement.  

    Ministers are upbeat about the strategy, with many seeing it as a pivotal moment to steer the nation towards cleaner energy practices. In a joint statement from finance and APS minister Katy Gallagher, climate change and energy minister Chris Bowen, and assistant minister for climate change and energy Jenny McAllister: “This strategy is all about the government leading by example by providing a credible path on how government will reach net zero within its operations by 2030.” 

    Departments have already reported their greenhouse gas emissions and climate disclosures for the past year. The strategy zeroes in on transitioning to renewable energy, boosting energy efficiency, and considering zero-emission vehicles for the government fleet. It also sets higher energy performance standards for buildings, aiming for greater comfort during extreme weather, while also focusing on slashing energy use across offices, data centres, and warehouses, and encouraging energy-efficient travel and accommodation options.  

    For the government, the plan is more than an environmental operation; it is one designed to seize economic opportunity through affordable renewable energy on the path to the net zero commitment. We’re helping members make smarter energy travel choices in many ways, including our popular Hotel and Travel program, when paired with an eco-friendly vehicle from Hertz Car Hire you can effortlessly align your travel plans with your commitment to sustainability. With exclusively negotiated rates covering a broad range of accommodation and car hire options, we help members to find a travel option that suits their travel needs.   


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