Wednesday, 29 May 2024
    Small grants have a big impact in regional communities, says the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal
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    Small grants have a big impact in regional communities, says the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal

    If you have ties to regional or remote areas and haven’t heard of the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR), there’s no better time to learn about their work. Their funding portal connects people to available funds for all kinds of grants including; Economic strength, Health & wellbeing, COVID Recovery support, or Facilities or equipment.  

    Investing in remote, rural, and regional communities, Jill Karena, Place Portfolio Lead at FRRR, emphasises their commitment to supporting grassroots organisations often overlooked by traditional philanthropy.  

    Central to FRRR's initiatives are small grants, Karena notes, "From upgrading toilets and kitchens to seed funding new ideas, these grants go beyond monetary value, addressing areas of disadvantage and enhancing basic quality of life."  

    FRRR acts as a “front door” for communities new to grant-seeking and provides a pathway for them to find the capital they need. Karena highlights the pivotal role small grants play in building community experience and confidence, "For communities that have not applied for funding before, small grants build their experience and confidence in developing project ideas, applying for funding, project management, budgeting, and meeting reporting requirements." 

    The recent success stories, such as Arts Deloraine's WinterFire Festival, underscore the big impact of small grants. Karena emphasises, "They demonstrate that bigger is not always better, especially in the unique landscape of rural and remote Australia."  

    As FRRR continues its mission, Procurement Australia encourages not-for-profit members to investigate the range of funding available on the FRRR portal. The flexibility and accessibility of these grants make them a powerful force for positive change, ensuring that even the smallest communities can participate in and benefit from philanthropic initiatives.