Wednesday, 29 May 2024
    All aboard! The National Rail Strategy’s new plan to improve procurement and manufacturing

    All aboard! The National Rail Strategy’s new plan to improve procurement and manufacturing

    The National Rail Procurement and Manufacturing Strategy, a key component of the National Rail Manufacturing Plan (NRMP), has been revealed by the Australian Government. This strategic blueprint aims to encourage collaboration among states, territories, industry players, unions and stakeholders. It focuses on revolutionising its procurement procedures to bolster the competitiveness of the rail manufacturing sector.  

    Stakeholders have identified several barriers hindering progress from being on track, including workforce shortages and a fragmented structure.  

    The strategy is laid out in six pillars, with each of the pillars addressing the challenges faced by the industry. 

    Pillar 1: Develop a nationally coordinated approach to rolling stock procurement. 

    Pillar 2: Harmonise standards for manufacturing rolling stock. 

    Pillar 3: Adopt a national local content approach. 

    Pillar 4: Maximise opportunities for freight and heavy haul rail manufacturing. 

    Pillar 5: Improve research and innovation outcomes in the rail sector. 

    Pillar 6: Establish the foundation for good jobs and rewarding careers in rail manufacturing. 

    Creating stable conditions in the rail manufacturing sector will allow the government to overcome market inconsistencies. Additionally, when standards are laid across local and national stock procurement, there will be a unified approach that will benefit from efficiency and investment.  

    The Hon Ed Husic MP, Minister for Industry and Science and Senator the Hon Tim Ayres, Assistant Minister for Manufacturing and Assistant Minister for Trade said in the Minister’s Foreword, “The plan will help address our growing transport needs, reduce our domestic emissions and deliver good jobs in our regions and outer suburbs. Increasing domestic manufacturing capabilities will also help provide the economies of scale required to design uniquely Australian trains and components and compete in export markets and global supply chains.“ 

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