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16 August 2024, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Celebrating Procurement Excellence Across Sectors

Welcome to the Procurement Australia 2024 Awards & Scholarship Program! In our mission to honour exemplary achievements in procurement, we recognise the pivotal role played by professionals in public,private, not-for-profit, educational, and NGO sectors. These awards celebrate the innovation, dedication, andstrategic acumen that define excellence in procurement.

Here are our featured winners from our 2022 Conference Program

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Benefits of Winning an Award or Scholarship

Winning a Procurement Australia Award is not just about receiving a trophy; it’s about gaining national recognition, enhancing your professional growth, expanding your network, and significantly boosting your organisation’s reputation. These awards provide a platform for winners to showcase their achievements on a national stage.

Award Categories and Eligibility

The Jacinta Bartlett Award:
Celebrating individual brilliance in procurement, this award is open to senior professionals across Australia. Nominees should demonstrate exceptional improvement in procurement processes and adherence to current legislation.
Collaboration & Innovation in Procurement:
Seeking ground breaking projects that exemplify collaborative and innovative procurement solutions.
Sustainable Procurement Award:
Honouring organisations that have integrated sustainability into their procurement policies to effectively reduce environmental impacts.
Social Procurement Award:
Acknowledging organisations that have significantly contributed to social procurement initiatives.
Supplier of the Year:
A tribute to outstanding suppliers,as voted by our organisation and members.
Paul Everitt Procurement Australia Scholarship:
Empowering excellence in procurement by sponsoring scholarships for outstanding individuals. These scholarships support recipients in pursuing studies,secondments, research, or paper development,fostering valuable contributions and insights to their respective sectors.
Eligibility Criteria (and download info pack

How to Nominate for Awards

Ready to step into the spotlight? Nominating or applying is simple:

Step 1: Click on the ‘Nominate Now’ button to access the application form.

Step 2: Fill out the form with relevant details about the nominee or project.

Step 3: Submit before the deadline!

Here are some examples of previous nominations

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Key Dates and Timelines

Mark your calendars:

Nomination Opening: 01 December 2023

Nomination Closing: 01 July 2024

Judging Period: 08 - 12 July 2024 Awards

Announcement: 16 August 2024

Paul Everitt Procurement Australia Scholarship

Discover new horizons in procurement with our Peter Everrit Scholarship program, tailored for high achievers. This initiative offers a $10,000 prize to support your educational pursuits and amplify your impact on the industry.

The Paul Everitt Procurement Australia Scholarship is named in memory of Paul Everitt. Paul Everitt was a former staff member of Procurement Australia and a passionate, driven procurement executive who tragically lost his life in October 2015. Paul himself believed in training and study and was undertaking a three-year procurement study course with CIPS at the time of his death.

Our commitment to innovation in procurement is reflected in this scholarship. Beyond financial assistance, we provide a versatile platform for recipients to explore advanced studies, immersive secondments, research projects, or paper development.

How to Apply for the Paul Everitt Procurement Australia Scholarship

The award is open to any procurement individual or procurement team working in a Procurement Australia member organisation in the public and private sectors.

Step 1: Select a category to focus your application on, such as social procurement, environmental procurement, category management, or supply chain.

Step 2: Identify exactly what area you would want to explore, for example:

• How can procurement drive value to the triple bottom line

• The role of procurement and the impacts on place and community

• How can you drive a change of thinking to the procurement process

• Procurement transformation

Step 3: Write an outline of the intended use of the $10,000 scholarship fund in exploring your category and area of focus - we are interested in your initial idea and do not require a huge submission.

Step 4: Click the "Apply Now" button to submit your application or email your submission, including your full name, job title, organisation, contact details and proposed outline to conference@paltd.com.au

Here are some examples of past applications

Key Dates and Timelines

Mark your calendars:

Nomination Opening: 01 December 2023

Nomination Closing: 01 July 2024

Judging Period: 08 - 12 July 2024

Scholarship Announcement: 16 August 2024

Apply Now!

Awards and Sponsorship Information Pack

View or download the Awards and Sponsorship Information Pack below