Wednesday, 29 May 2024
    Anthony Mundine’s MGM Australia bridging gaps and building futures through social procurement

    Anthony Mundine’s MGM Australia bridging gaps and building futures through social procurement


    In a bid to empower First Nations men and women aged 17-45, Anthony Mundine, one of the country’s most accomplished Indigenous boxers, alongside lifelong friend Gosh Daher, founded MGM. The company focuses on providing training and employment pathways, bridging gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses. 

    Currently working in roadside barrier hire, installation, construction, and building maintenance, MGM Australia goes beyond traditional business models by offering mentorship based on Mundine’s extensive career experience and values instilled by his father, Tony Mundine, a professional sportsperson.  

    Mundine underscores the importance of setting goals and mentoring employees to meet the diverse needs of individuals. The latest focus of MGM Australia is on Indigenous business and procurement, with Mundine advocating for integrity and genuine economic opportunities.  

    "We want to train brothers and sisters up, where they get their own licences and then we want to see them at the round table competing against us to win the tender," Mr Mundine said. 

    Mr Daher said with regard to issues around Indigenous procurement policies: "It's simple – it should be how many Aboriginal people you have on the ground." 

    Putting into practice MGM Australia’s aims to empower Indigenous individuals to obtain licences and compete for tenders independently, MGM Australia's commitment is not solely profit-driven; it allocates funds for Sorry Business and supports individuals transitioning from school, unemployment, or incarceration. 

    MGM Australia's achievements include partnerships with major companies and securing a significant role in the Western Sydney Distributor Smart Motorway project.  

    By empowering Indigenous businesses to make lasting change in the supply chain, it demonstrates a commitment to positive transformation. Likewise, at Procurement Australia we are committed to seeking ways to support Indigenous businesses and suppliers by prioritising inclusion in procurement across different industries and sectors.