Friday, 14 June 2024
    Geelong Convention Centre built on a strong foundation of social procurement
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    Geelong Convention Centre built on a strong foundation of social procurement

    The Nyaal Banyul Geelong Convention and Event Centre, set to open in 2026 at a cost exceeding $450 million will redefine Geelong's skyline. With hundreds of jobs supported during construction and other industries, including opportunities for apprentices, the project is an example of the government committing to socially responsible procurement practices.

    Ali Ahme'ds journey from Pakistan to Geelong was filled with challenges, but today, he’s about to contribute to the construction of the convention centre as one of twelve apprentices. Ahmed, who arrived in Geelong unable to speak English at six years old, is now undertaking a pre-employment course at Gordon TAFE through the convention centre’s social procurement program.

    Development Victoria, along with partners such as the Give Where You Live Foundation and gforce employment + recruitment, has co-designed and implemented this program, which mandates that tenderers comply with social outcome requirements. Bill Mithen, CEO of Give Where You Live Foundation, lauded the program for its dual focus on social impact and infrastructure development. Mithen said, “For the first time as far as I am aware in the history of Victoria we have included in tender contracts specific social outcomes that all tenderers had to comply with… Once those contracts have been delivered we have penalties and abatements if those social outcomes aren’t achieved.” 

    Regional Development Minister Gayle Tierney said “We have ensured our social procurement is top-notch…We have also ensured that the group of people that often find it difficult to secure employment for a range of complex reasons would have the opportunity to work on this site and to build their skills.” 

    The state government's decision to include specific social outcomes in tender contracts marked a groundbreaking shift in Victoria's procurement practices. By focusing on social outcomes alongside infrastructure, it shows collaboration, diversity, and professionalism in action. To talk to one of our experts about how social procurement can work for your organisation, no matter the project size.