Tuesday, 21 May 2024
    Banana farm plastics to be recycled into packaging for bananas

    Banana farm plastics to be recycled into packaging for bananas

    An initiative is underway in Far North Queensland at Mareeba recycling centre on the Atherton Tablelands aims to repurpose plastic waste generated by banana farms into the packaging for the bananas, e.g. plastic bags and clips.  

    Expected to be operational by the end of the year, the centre, led by Enviroplas Recycling Director Marc Jackson, is set to process 6000 tonnes of agricultural, commercial, and consumer plastics annually, providing employment to 45 individuals across three daily shifts. 

    Jackson said, "If developing nations can work with circular economies, then we should set an example in Australia," asserts Jackson, emphasising the economic feasibility of the recycling centre despite daunting operational costs. 

    “My aim is to manufacture plastic bags and other items required for the banana industry on-site and will introduce traceability where each farm can have their plastics recycled into products with their specifications.” Jackson’s vision is inspired and informed by his work overseas, where the circular economy is part of the process for countries supplying large supermarket chains throughout the European Union. 

    Chair of RDA Tropical North, Hurriyet Babacan, applauds the initiative, recognising the circular economy as a key driver for future job growth. "It is pleasing to see Enviroplas Recycling creating this opportunity to grow jobs on the Atherton Tablelands," says Professor Babacan, underscoring the positive impact on both the local economy and environmental sustainability. 

    This inspirational initiative that reduces landfill, creates jobs and sets an example for circular economies in Australia is celebrated here at Procurement Australia. We relish the opportunity to partner with our members and suppliers to find significant ways to reduce landfill waste and the carbon footprint, and we have a strong track record of providing sustainable solutions for our members. 

    Source: https://www.rdatropicalnorth.org.au/10818-2/