Wednesday, 24 July 2024
    TAFE NSW takes the helm in addressing Australia's Maritime workforce shortage

    TAFE NSW takes the helm in addressing Australia's Maritime workforce shortage

    TAFE NSW is helping meet the need for maritime workers by offering maritime courses. Cohorts of students can earn an industry-recognised qualification, accumulate their seafaring hours, and apply for a license to board a ship.  

    This comes as the Australian government commits to enhancing maritime capability. According to Christopher Greentree, Director of the Supply Chain & E-commerce Skills Team at TAFE NSW, “Port Botany, the Port of Newcastle, and Port Kembla are important gateways for trade, with over 4600 commercial vessels docking in these ports each year.” 

    Various roles play a vital part in keeping the supply chain operational. Greentree mentioned, “There are a wide range of job roles from deckhands, marine mechanics, and engineers to logistic and warehousing coordinators that keep this critical supply chain moving.” 

    Australia heavily relies on sea transport for exports; it is the fifth-largest user of shipping services in the world, with 99 percent of its goods transported by sea. 

    Due to a shortage of Australian-flagged ships and a demand for skilled workers, the Strategic Fleet aims to provide support in times of national crises and emergencies. It helps get vital goods to affected regions, reducing reliance on international shipping. 

    In response to the growing demand for maritime professionals,TAFE NSW is offering accredited courses at various levels to equip individuals with the necessary skills and industry licensing.  

    Angela Gillham, CEO of Maritime Industry Australia Ltd, says the report identifies the shortage of diverse maritime workers as a concern for Australia’s economic sovereignty. 

    Whether it’s at sea or on land, where technicians are servicing and repairing vessels, having the necessary skills training is crucial. It gives Australians the confidence to participate in commercial opportunities. Procuring comprehensive workforce solutions is essential to meet the increasing demand for skilled professionals. Our team at Procurement Australia celebrate continuous skill enhancement strategies that contribute to the nation's economic resilience and sovereignty.