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    Closures due to flooding of Stuart Highway leave trucks high and dry
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    Closures due to flooding of Stuart Highway leave trucks high and dry

    Closures to the Stuart Highway due to flooding, disrupted the flow of people and goods, resulting in bare shelves in supermarkets across the Top End and travel plans cancelled.  

    Chief Minister Eva Lawler said she had been assured by major supermarkets that there were enough non-perishable supplies of dry and frozen foods in anticipation of weather events. Yet, while human necessities to survive were being taken care of, less essential uses of the road were vetoed. For instance, when it was announced the road had reopened, only certain vehicles were permitted to pass through.  

    “Smaller vehicles are not permitted to travel between Renner Springs and Threeways Roadhouse due to water over the road in various locations,” Lawler said. “If the road network remains closed, contingencies including alternative transportation methods or routes will be considered,” she said. 

    Despite caution being practised, supply trucks were left stranded as major highways were cut off by flooding. Movement of people and supplies is at a standstill in many parts of the Territory. 

    The recent closure highlighted the vulnerability of supply chains to natural disasters like floods. And amidst the challenges posed by supply chain disruptions, the event highlights the importance of robust fleet management.  

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