Tuesday, 21 May 2024
    New recycling tax proposal sparks debate
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    New recycling tax proposal sparks debate

    The department  of Climate Change, Environment, Energy and Water has put forward a contentious proposal to impose a near $4 fee on each tonne of recyclables exported abroad, leading to critics labelling the initiative as a 'recycling tax'. 

    Amid efforts to promote environmentally friendly practices, concerns have been raised about the potential hindrance this tax may pose for businesses and councils in their pursuit of sustainable waste management. However, the department argues that the fee is necessary to cover administrative costs associated with overseeing the ban on recyclable exports.

    Rick Ralph, CEO of the National Waste and Recycling Industry Council, highlighted the lack of compelling incentives for manufacturers to prioritise locally sourced recycled materials over imported virgin materials. 

    Minister Tanya Plibersek advocated for prioritising local waste management over overseas exportation, she said, “We shouldn’t be exporting our rubbish overseas to be dealt with. Wherever we can possibly do it here in Australia, we should do it here.” 

    In light of the ongoing debate surrounding waste management and the proposed levy, Procurement Australia stands by its commitment to providing members with sustainable waste solutions through our supplier network. Procurement Australia's Sustainable Waste Solutions offer a comprehensive approach to addressing these challenges, including a mobile bins tendered solution that helps numerous councils across Australia to lower their emissions, create a local circular economy, and reduce waste going to landfill. To learn more, head to our Sustainable Waste Management: A Comprehensive Guide. 

    Source: https://www.nwric.com.au/2023/01/09/media-release-new-recycling-tax-on-business/