Sustainable Waste Management: A Comprehensive Guide

Published on January 09, 2024
Sustainable Waste Management: A Comprehensive Guide

Effective waste practices play a pivotal role in the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future. 

At Procurement Australia, we are committed to providing our members with insights into the latest waste management strategies behind our growing portfolio of sustainable solutions. Our goal is to empower members with the information they need to take action within their businesses and organisations to enhance their sustainability efforts and reach their goals. 

Understanding sustainable practices in waste management

Sustainable waste management isn’t one thing acting alone; it’s a system of practices to mitigate the negative impact of waste. It involves the adoption of numerous contributing strategies that minimise environmental impact, conserve resources, and promote long-term ecological balance. 

Reducing single-use plastics

Single-use plastics are a global concern. At Procurement Australia, we advocate for strategies that reduce single-use plastics or repurpose them for future use. 

By offering members practical alternatives that seamlessly integrate recycled plastics into our solutions wherever possible, our aim is to raise awareness of the perils of single-use plastics and reduce their impact on our shared environment. 

Innovative Recycling Solutions 

Traditional recycling plays an important role in our shared waste management approach. But we also recognise that greater innovation is needed to tackle the problem. 

We have strategies and policies in place to assist members in reducing their waste footprint and optimising their waste recycling processes; many of these can be found in the Sustainable Procurement Guide

Implementing Circular Economy Principles

The circular economy is guided by a set of principles that aim to maximise the use of resources, minimise waste, and create a more sustainable and regenerative economic system.

Closing the Loop: From Waste to Resource

A circular economy transforms waste into valuable resources. We’re always searching for ways to integrate solutions into our offerings to members. We work with partners to help members to improve their internal policies and procedures, develop more socially responsible frameworks, and prioritise actions that support a sustainable procurement approach.

Harnessing Sustainable Energy  

The quest to create a circular economy and reduce waste also includes the incorporation of sustainable energy practices.

Our successful brokering of two Power Purchase Agreements in Victoria and New South Wales speaks to our commitment to secure renewable energy solutions for members to help them achieve their individual emissions targets.

The Role of Legislation and Compliance changes

Compliance with waste management regulations is becoming increasingly non-negotiable, especially as it applies to legislated state-wide commitments to standardise waste disposal and recycling.

One such example is the collaborative procurement process outlined in Victoria’s Local Government Act 2020.

How we help members navigate regulatory landscapes

In light of the state government’s push for more collaborative procurement, we are working with local government members to increase cross-council arrangements, improve internal procurement policy practices, and better serve Victorian households and businesses.

Simplifying waste management with our Mobile Bins contract

Our sustainable waste management Mobile Bins contract is easy to use, reduces the time members spend on tenders, and more of their waste being responsibly processed.

Since its launch in 2022, this contract has helped numerous Victorian councils to lower their emissions, create a local circular economy, and reduce waste going to landfill. Along with a 4-bins solution dividing waste in clear and manageable categories – food organics and garden organics (FOGO), glass, mixed recyclables and household rubbish – it now has a new category of ‘compostable bags’.

The addition of these eco-friendly compostable bags improves an already compliance-aligned solution for our members, providing councils and organisations with an additional environmentally conscious option for waste disposal.

Find out how your organisation can benefit from our Mobile Bins contract today. Learn how we are fostering positive change and a sustainable future for our members via our range of Sustainable Solutions.



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