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    Procurement managers in shortage, confirms 2023 Jobs and Skills Report
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    Procurement managers in shortage, confirms 2023 Jobs and Skills Report

    While you may have noticed it takes longer to get your coffee from your favourite hole in the wall each morning, across many industries, businesses are struggling to recruit staff due to a labour supply chain process. This includes procurement occupations. 

    Physiotherapists, retail managers, and chefs are just a few of the top occupations in demand caused by labour market shortages, training bottlenecks, and payroll constraints that keep Australian businesses from acquiring the talent they need. This year, Procurement Manager joined the list of occupations in shortage in 2023 that weren't in short supply in 2022. 

    The inaugural Jobs and Skills Report 2023 provides an initial assessment of the national skills system and Australia's current, emerging, and future skills needs. The current skills shortages show that 36% of occupations assessed (332 out of 916) were in national shortage in 2023, 5 percentage points higher than the 2022 Skills Priority List. 

    The new Jobs and Skills Australia agency, author of the report, asserts that the tight labour market means strong competition for workers. An eye-opening 63% of employing businesses are having difficulty recruiting. 

    The report states employers could boost working conditions, enhance professional development, or offer clearer career pathways to those workers. Additionally, it notes that "improved remuneration" might help businesses secure hard-to-find talent. 

    Procurement Australia empathises with our members who seem stuck between a rock and a hard place with their recruitment needs. We know that staff and recruitment costs are the single most significant expense of most business operations. From job description selection criteria to shortlisting, interviews, or contracts, we can and want to help. 




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