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    Turning trash into treasure: Bellarine Food Scraps and Compost Warriors fight against food waste
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    Turning trash into treasure: Bellarine Food Scraps and Compost Warriors fight against food waste

    Food waste is a massive problem worldwide, contributing to environmental damage and resource depletion. According to recent reports, approximately one-third of all food produced globally is wasted each year, with significant implications for both the environment and food security. 

    In response to this challenge, local heroes Mara Chambers and Clancey McKenzie have launched the Bellarine Food Scraps and Compost Warriors initiative. By providing buckets for food scraps and convenient drop-off locations, they're making composting easy and accessible for their community. Since November 2023, they've diverted 130 kilograms of waste from landfills, proving that small actions can make a big difference. 

    Chambers said there were many people in the community who were keen to adopt more sustainable practices, but faced friction in making it a habit for numerous reasons: they didn’t have the space for their own composting system; they were unsure where to begin; or they were concerned about the smell. “This is just giving people an option. There’s no judgement. No good, bad, or whatever…It’s just putting our little foot forward and doing something for the community.” said Chambers. 

    Land to store the compost warrior’s growing number of compost bins has been donated by the Artisans of Australia gallery located in Curlewis.  

    When communities come together to support initiatives like Bellarine Food Scraps and Compost Warriors, they contribute to reducing food waste and safeguarding the environment for future generations. Another way to support sustainable waste management practices is through Procurement Australia’s Mobile Bins contract  which provides compostable bags and mobile bins through sustainable suppliers. View the contract here and tackle food waste like a warrior. 


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