Wednesday, 29 May 2024
    Vecco plans to build 300 MWh vanadium flow battery production plant
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    Vecco plans to build 300 MWh vanadium flow battery production plant

    The demand for stationary energy storage is increasing due to the rise in renewable energy generation. One of the emerging technologies in this field is vanadium flow batteries.

    Vecco, a Brisbane-based company, is at the forefront of this movement, supplying high-quality vanadium electrolyte to leading battery manufacturers. They are currently operating a 35 MWh vanadium electrolyte manufacturing facility in Townsville and are now planning to build a larger 300 MWh commercial production plant. The company has secured a 3.2-hectare site in the Townsville State Development Area for this facility, and the detailed design is in progress.

    Vecco has partnered with Sumitomo Electric and the Australian arm of Japanese company Idemitsu to establish a complete manufacturing supply chain for vanadium flow batteries, covering everything from mining to energy storage. The aim is to have the entire supply chain operational by 2026 to meet the rapidly growing global demand for this technology. 

    Vanadium flow batteries are positioned to become a significant part of the future energy storage landscape, offering an alternative to the currently dominant lithium-ion batteries.

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