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No project is too big, small or complex for our Advisory Services. Whatever milestone you are striving for, our Advisory Services team is with you to help you transform your business or organisation through our trusted relationships, unrivalled industry knowledge and experience.  

Our Advisory Services in Action

When you engage us for any of our services, you can be sure you’ll be working with industry leading procurement and management experts who will help to bolster your procurement efforts and support you and your team. 

Read more about how we’ve collaborated with members just like you to achieve impressive outcomes.   


ProcureRight is an end-to-end approach to procurement strategy that works to get you exactly what you need, when you need it; be it common or highly specialised products, services or advisory consulting requirements across procurement and supply chain.Through our unique ProcureRight process, we’ll work with you every step of the way to get intricate projects over the line.

With ProcureRight you can expect:

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Our InsureRight service is focused on providing members with the best possible insurance to minimise risk, all while keeping costs low. With our combined decades of experience in the insurance, underwriting and broking industry, we offer members independent, expert and professional advice on coverage, pricing and policy wording. We are also very experienced in identifying coverage deficiencies, including gaps in coverage, inadequate levels of protection or overlapping coverage.

With InsureRight you can expect:

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Comprehensive Building Code Compliance Services & Advice

Many of our valuable Advisory partnerships focus on keeping our members and their communities safe. Feeling safe in our built environments is dependent on numerous factors, some of which may be in or out of our members' control. When it comes to combustible cladding, instances of non-compliance can lead to administrative nightmares and potentially catastrophic fire risks.

Our team is working closely with expert building compliance consultants Adams & Associates to help members address non-complaint combustible cladding issues in their buildings and jurisdictions.

With our Combustible Cladding Solutions you can expect:

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Collaborative Procurement

Section 109 of The Local Government Act 2020 sets out the procurement requirements for local government entities, which includes a sub-item requiring Councils to seek collaboration with other Councils and public bodies in the Procurement of goods or services and to demonstrate that requirement in their planning process.

An attractive benefit of Collaborative Procurement is the savings it can produce, easing the strain on public sector budgets and/or the need to make public money extend as far as possible.

By bringing together budgets from multiple organisations to approach the market with an aggregate requirement, members can have more buying and negotiating power and secure a better deal.

Procurement Australia is here to support our members with our Collaborative Procurement solution and can help develop or broaden Procurement Plans, connect members with our extensive supplier list, and assess current projects to identify avenues for collaboration.

Reach out today to get started.

With our Collaborative Procurement Solutions you can expect:

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Benefits of our Advisory Services

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