The right procurement solution, every time​

ProcureRight is an end-to-end approach to procurement strategy that works to get you exactly what you need, when you need it; be it common or highly specialised products, services or advisory consulting requirements across procurement and supply chain.

We know that finding the right procurement solution can be a challenge. This is especially true if you’re looking for a specialised approach, or a selection of goods and services that are out of the ordinary.

That’s why we created ProcureRight – it’s our way of tackling procurement that puts our Members’ needs front and centre.

No matter what you need, we’ll get it for you or provide you advisory services to support internal decision making & improved governance.

With ProcureRight you can expect:

Your partners in procurement success

No matter how large or small your procurement needs are, we’re here to ensure it’s done right – every time. 

To read our recent media release regarding the launch of ProcureRight, please click here.

Our services


Bespoke offers tailored to every contract


Advisory services that deliver value at each stage


Client support throughout the life of the project


Expert advice in the fast-paced procurement space


Delivery of tangible value through negotiation and strategic sourcing

  • As collaborators, we work with your team to help get intricate projects over the line.
  • As project managers, we take the time to get to know your goals and challenges right from day one.
  • As procurement experts, we’re here to take the worry out of your next project.
  • As advisors, we are fiercely independent. Our representatives work to find the best solution for you, from a detailed needs analysis through to implementation support.
  • From office supplies to infrastructure projects, security to regional supply chains, we’ll custom build a solution that works with you. Our individual approach will help you to reduce costs, meet your targets and deliver the best possible outcome.
  • We can scale our offering to respond to unexpected changes in your supply chain. Or, we can create an entirely new engagement to provide you with the risk coverage you need.
  • Whether your need is big or small, new or ongoing, individual or collective, we’ll work with you at every stage to make it happen.   

With a long history of success within a range of industries, our background is firmly rooted in procurement. As a member of the Procurement Australia family, the ProcureRight team is a tight-knit unit of strategists, industry experts and deal makers. We know where the opportunities are now, and where they’ll be in the future.

We’re proud for being known as trustworthy, consistent, committed to compliance and easy to collaborate with. This reputation for quality work extends to our suppliers as well – we’re part of an interconnected network that’s working towards the same end goal: getting the best deal.

Our experience, agility and determination extend to projects of every type, outcome and scale. From finding the most cost-effective solution, to creating new approaches to pervasive problems, our team are here to help you get it done.   

We’ve made it our business to do procurement differently. How? We’re with you at every stage of the project working to bolster your efforts, achieve your savings goals and support your team.

We proudly put our Members’ needs first. Where others apply a ‘one size fits all’ methodology, we think that limits our ability to truly meet your needs. Instead, we approach each contract with the upmost care to deliver the time and money saving outcomes specific to your project.

Whether you need us to help with one thing, or to manage the entire project, we’ll deliver what we promise – The right procurement solution, every time.  

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Your partners in procurement success

ProcureRight is here to help you achieve your project goals, meet your deadlines and deliver exceptional outcomes.

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