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Being member-led means we are always looking for ways to get our members more of what they want. That’s why we created Procurement Gateway to meet all our members’ procurement needs, no matter how big or small.

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Collaborative Contracts 

At Procurement Australia, we understand that our local government are trying to do more with less. Less time, less resources and less staff.

But there’s one area local government can benefit from doing more of – collaborative contracts with Procurement Gateway.

One way the state government is trying to assist local governments to do more with less is through collaborative procurement. By consolidating resources, budgets and strategies, collaborative procurement helps local governments with common goals to: 

  • Make and maintain solid supplier relationships
  • Realise shared cost savings
  • Streamline procurement processes

Procurement Gateway - Gov (2)

For not-for-profits in particular, the needs list with procurement can quickly balloon. Price, probity, ethical, environmental and compliance concerns, not to mention rigorous due diligence checks, all need to be considered in record time with limited resources.

This is where collaborative contracts can make a world of difference.

By consolidating resources, budgets and needs, collaborative procurement can alleviate the common pressures felt by all not-for-profits trying to do good with less. These contracts can help not-for-profits to:

  • Make and maintain solid relationships with ethical and compliant suppliers
  • Realise shared cost savings
  • Achieve similar competitive public outcomes
  • Streamline previously unmanageable procurement processes


Procurement Gateway - NFP

What is Procurement Gateway

Procurement Gateway is a free, web-based solution that supports all our members to fulfill their individual procurement requirements.

Through this easy-to-use online platform, our members can access all our public sector tender compliant contracts and awarded supplier arrangements, including preferred pricing and upcoming contract events, all in one central location. This easy access means members can quickly and simply compare available contracts and choose the best-awarded suppliers for the best possible price.

Procurement Gateway also allows members to conduct online Request For Quote (RFQ) events, making it easy to invite panel suppliers to submit quotes that match your exact needs as they arise. Members can even set the timetable for suppliers to submit RFQs through Procurement Gateway, giving you more control over project timelines right from the start.

We’ve also included a chat function as part of the platform so members can respond to supplier queries, provide further details and evaluate multiple submissions, all within the one system. This means you can feel safe in the knowledge that your organisational details and procurement requests are secure within the integrated Procurement Gateway system.

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Benefits of Procurement Gateway

We’ve designed Procurement Gateway to be simple to access and easy-to-use:


Access contracts, supplier information and competitive pricing online with ease


Take advantage of negotiated supplier arrangements and preferred pricing


Generate RFQs and invite panel suppliers to submit quotes to match your needs


Perform entire process end-to-end within the one secure system


Define project timelines to suit your operation's needs and deadlines


Chat directly with suppliers to enhance communication


Review and evaluate quotes from one central online location

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Procurement Gateway is available for all Procurement Australia members. Contact us today to learn more about how this easy-to-use platform can support you to meet all your procurement needs.

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