Collaborative Contracts – The Future of Local Government Procurement

Published on April 17, 2023
Collaborative Contracts – The Future of Local Government Procurement

Procurement Gateway supports our Government members with their Collaborative Contract requirements.  

At Procurement Australia, we understand that our local government are trying to do more with less. Less time, less resources and less staff.

But there’s one area local government can benefit from doing more of – collaborative contracts with Procurement Gateway.


Government members are using Procurement Gateway for all their collaborative contract requirements.

One way the state government is trying to assist local governments to do more with less is through collaborative procurement. By consolidating resources, budgets and strategies, collaborative procurement helps local governments with common goals to: 

  • Make and maintain solid supplier relationships
  • Realise shared cost savings
  • Streamline procurement processes

Benefits of Procurement Gateway for Government

Procurement Gateway is a FREE, easy-to-use online system that streamlines all your procurement tasks.

With Procurement Gateway, local government members can:

  • View contract and price lists for tendered outcomes
  • See a centralised view of all current opted-in contracts
  • Run request for quotes (RFQ) from over 400+ industry-leading suppliers
  • Access supplier contact details for better direct communication

When you use our FREE Procurement Gateway portal, all the hard work is done for you, from supplier searching to risk mitigation.


Making compliance and collaboration easy

Collaborative contracts are the future of strategic council procurement, and many councils have struggled to get them off the ground in a quick and compliant way. 

Procurement Gateway has you covered when it comes to compliance and risk management concerns. When you find a contract in Procurement Gateway, you want to opt into; you can be certain it’s passed our rigorous pressure tests. 

Procurement Gateway provides a safe, reliable and compliant environment for all your procurement transactions, making audits and reporting easier than ever.


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