Education maintenance made easier with Bunnings Trade

Published on December 14, 2023
Education maintenance made easier with Bunnings Trade

Keeping your school in tip top shape requires constant maintenance. 

This means regularly updating your cleaning, painting and groundskeeping supplies, and accurately keeping track of everything to prevent leakage. 

Fortunately, your partnership with Bunnings Trade offers more than just hardware and tools. 

When you sign up, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive approach to education maintenance. Featuring exclusive access to an expanded range of maintenance essentials, low pricing and user-friendly reporting tools, all your education maintenance problems are solved with Bunnings Trade. 

Benefits of our Bunnings Trade partnership  

Your partnership with Bunnings is about so much more than hardware and tools. Whether it's painting, cleaning or groundskeeping, Bunnings has everything you need to keep your school going all year long.  

With a comprehensive approach to education maintenance, your Bunnings PowerPass allows you exclusive access to a comprehensive range of school maintenance essentials. Paired with exclusive pricing, streamlined consolidation and user-friendly reporting tools, it's an easy equation for success.  

We’re committed to making education maintenance as easy as possible. Through our partnership with Bunnings Trade, we’re helping education members to keep their grounds and reporting in excellent condition.  

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