Expert furniture buying guide: 4 things to consider

Published on May 03, 2023
Expert furniture buying guide: 4 things to consider

Is your office in need of a refresh? Selecting the right workplace furniture is essential for creating an environment that stimulates employees physically, mentally and socially. A well-designed workspace can foster creativity and collaboration, as well as increase productivity. To help you set your organisation up for success, we spoke to Terry-Lee Smith, Category Manager for Furniture at Winc on four important factors to consider when buying workplace furniture.

1. Contemporary designs  

Workplaces that incorporate modern and stylish designs are key. “We’re starting to see traditional corporate businesses incorporate more modern, residential, and even café or restaurant style furniture and finishes, so employees have that feeling of working in a comfortable home environment.”

Providing the right furniture for your office has a significant impact on employee happiness, engagement and even willingness to come into the office. Along with access to natural light and suitable air conditioning, modern designs, trending colours such as earthy tones and plants can transform the working environment and boost morale.

2. Increase collaboration  

As more and more workers return to the workplace, the office environment is being reimagined as a collaborative space to boost productivity. Terry-Lee recommends open floor plans, casual seating areas, and modular furniture to enable free-flowing ideas and teamwork. “Design collaborative workspaces with your employees in mind to ensure that teams have every opportunity to collaborate in flexible and productive environments. This could mean offering a range of options for team members to choose from and setting up different spaces designed for collaboration or quiet focused work,” says Terry-Lee.

Encourage creativity and innovation by designing purposeful spaces, such as breakout areas with adaptable furniture that can be used for both work and socialising.

3. Sustainability

Sustainable furniture options are also becoming increasingly popular as organisations assess their environmental footprint. Buying furniture made from recycled materials is one way your organisation can help fuel the circular economy.

“Consider the environmental impact of office furniture on your business. Is it made with recyclable materials? Is it easily disposable? Look for certifications such as Greenguard to guarantee that products and materials used have undergone strict testing to meet Australian sustainability standards,” says Terry-Lee.

4. Safety features  

SafeWork NSW estimates that Australian workers spend approximately 76% of their time at work sitting1, therefore comfortable furniture is vital. “Support your team by selecting ergonomic furniture such as sit-stand desks and height-adjustable chairs to ensure they are able to perform at their best,” suggests Terry-Lee.

Getting the most out of ergonomic furniture also comes down to education. “There are many instances where expensive chairs are purchased but improperly used,” Terry-Lee says, “so it’s important to use videos or guides to ensure that staff can set up their workstation and reduce the risk of workplace injury.”

Anti-microbial furniture offerings have also become hot-ticket items as they help prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Polyurethane fabrics have also grown in popularity because they allow liquid spills to be easily wiped away and cleaned. “Anti-bacterial fabrics like Buro SafeTex use materials that essentially make surfaces inhospitable to common germs,” says Terry-Lee. Furniture with anti-microbial properties works great in high-traffic or public areas and environments where furniture is shared.

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Source: Winc

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