More diverse cultures mean more diverse buying strategies

Published on July 10, 2019

Australia is not isolated from the impacts of globalisation; it is well and truly part and parcel of the quickly diversifying and interconnected economy. This global diversity is being reflected in the range and types of employees now in procurement.

This was alluded to by EY LLP who identified that just as new skill sets are expected to enter the world of procurement heading to 2025, globalisation and geographical shifts also mean the emergence of a more globally diverse procurement workforce. It can, therefore, be expected that future CPOs at global companies would be likely to come from any field and any place, promoting much more diverse buying strategies, currently often the result of local social and cultural traditions and structures.

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Ernst & Young LLP (2015). Infinite possibilities: Procurement in 2025 – EY. 1st ed. Ernst & Young Global Limited, US. Available at$FILE/EY-infinite-possibilities-procurement-in-2025.pdf [Accessed 20 April 2019].

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