The 7 questions you should ask about your organisation’s insurance

Published on October 30, 2019


How confident are you that your insurance program offers the broadest coverage that mirrors your insurable risk profile?


How do you know your insurance broker is acting in your best interests and not acting as the agent of insurers?


When was the last time your insurance broker undertook an insurance risk profiling and gap analysis experience?


When was the last time you ran an insurance broker tender to “test the market”?


How do you know you have the most competitive premiums available in the market from the most appropriate insurers?


Has your broker provided you with bench marking of coverage premiums and fees in your sector?


Is your insurance broker being totally transparent and charging you an agreed fee, or are they placing the business with the insurers that pay them the highest commission rates?

Now is a challenging time for insurance buyers within an organisation. Many organisations are going to be heavily reliant on the performance of their insurance brokers and/or insurers – that’s where InsureRight can help!

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