WE GET how to deliver renewable energy options – Wodonga TAFE benefits

Published on July 19, 2019

By managing a rigorous tender process for Wodonga TAFE, Procurement Australia has enabled the planned installation of 600kw of rooftop solar PV panels on three of the TAFE’s campuses in Victoria – at McKoy Street, TAFESpace and Logic Centre – starting this month, July 2019.

The installation sees Wodonga TAFE partnering with Mondo and Cherry Energy Solutions who will provide technological expertise and install the new solar energy system.

The end result will be a renewable energy system comprising 1,584 solar panels across 11 buildings and capable of supplying up to 30% of daily power demand across the three campuses. In terms of environmental benefits, the system will reduce the TAFE’s CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by close to 1m kg/annum, equal to the emissions produced by 212 passenger vehicles over a year!

Procurement Australia is delighted to have been instrumental in supporting Wodonga TAFE achieve and deliver these significant benefits not only for the TAFE but also for its students and the wider community.

Wodonga TAFE’s Acting CEO Phil Paterson said, “The project highlights the social, environment and economic importance of reducing our carbon footprint and, very importantly, sees us significantly reduce our power consumption costs.”

According to Paterson, the savings will be invested into TAFE’s education programs, delivering better learning environments and tools, and improved skills outcomes through which everyone can benefit.

Finally, Wodonga TAFE’s strategic investment in solar energy not only improves the institution’s financial sustainability but also supports the Victorian Government’s policy to improve the management of government operations, protect the environment and reduce environmental impacts.

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