Procurement Australia progresses Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with several New South Wales councils

Published on October 13, 2021
Procurement Australia progresses Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with several New South Wales councils


19 OCTOBER 2021

Procurement Australia is pleased to announce that a group of local government councils have committed to partner on a renewable power purchase agreement (PPA) which will see these councils using 100% renewable energy from 2023.

This PPA expands on the overwhelming success of the Victorian PPA, which was implemented in 2020.  

The NSW PPA, which is being negotiated by Procurement Australia, provides participants with solutions to procure more renewables as part of their long-term energy plan. It also provides a path for participants to reduce their overall emissions with greater price certainty in an often-volatile energy market.

Procurement Australia’s achievement of a minimum number of NSW participants and volume of energy will now progress to an industry consultation and product build stage. This will be followed by a request for tender stage in the first quarter of 2022 to secure an energy supplier to meet the specific renewable energy requirements of each council.

Joe Arena, CEO of Procurement Australia, said he was delighted with the progression of the NSW PPA. “I could not be prouder of this fantastic outcome in New South Wales. It is our vision to be the leading renewable energy aggregator across the nation.

“We are committed to providing all NSW participants with a path to achieve their long-term renewable targets. We encourage other councils and government authorities interested in pursuing their own individual renewable targets to contact us and learn how they can reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions by joining our next NSW PPA.”

Councils already signed to this PPA stretch throughout the greater New South Wales area, including the regions of Albury, Wollongong and Bega Valley.

“As an organisation, we’re delighted to have such a diverse range of council members join us as part of this first phase of the statewide PPA,” said Mr Arena.

The addition of this PPA highlights Procurement Australia’s growing renewable energy portfolio and its commitment to sustainability and the environment.  

“I’d like to highlight the efforts of our highly experienced staff in bringing this PPA to life. The progression of yet another renewable energy power purchase agreement comes down to the skill and dedication of our team,” said Mr Arena.

“Their experience in the energy sector and ability to clearly communicate the benefits of such a complex agreement to our valued members is indicative of what we stand for at Procurement Australia.”

The NSW PPA will deliver participants 100% renewable energy via a phased and flexible commencement date commencing in January 2023.


For further information, contact:

Joe Arena, Chief Executive Officer, Procurement Australia

Ph: (03) 9810 8600

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