At Procurement Australia, we’re passionate about helping our members to achieve their procurement goals. It drives us to do our best work, no matter the challenge or circumstance.

Being member-led means we make it our business to know exactly what our members want. As a tight-knit community focused on achieving procurement wins for everyone, we work closely with members to understand shared challenges across industries.

Our team negotiates every contract with a few  guiding principles in mind. Every solution needs to:

  • Achieve the best possible outcome for our members

  • Be transparent

  • Uphold our commitment to compliance.

This member-led approach sets us apart – we’re proud to be leading the way forward with ethical and sustainable procurement practices for all our members.

Our Membership base

We have members spanning across industries, from local government and education through to not-for-profit and aged care. As more members take advantage of our aggregator services, our knowledge of member needs continues to grow in diversity and expertise.

Our vision for the future of procurement is one built on a solid foundation of collaboration, partnerships and common goals. Boasting over 24,000 members and counting, you’re in good company with Procurement Australia.

Why become a Procurement Australia member?


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Alignment with an aggregator at the forefront of ethical and sustainable procurement

By joining Procurement Australia, you're joining a network of procurement experts who are working with you to achieve your organisation's goals.

Compare contracts and quotes easily through Procurement Gateway

Our focus on digital transformation means we’re always looking for ways to make day-to-day procurement processes easier for our members.

With Procurement Gateway, our members can access all our public sector tender-compliant contracts and awarded supplier arrangements, including preferred pricing and upcoming contract events, all in one central location.

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