Wednesday, 29 June 2022

    Salvos go electric

    Salvos Stores are the first charity retailer in Australia to have an electric vehicle in their distribution fleet thanks to the generous donation by SEA Electric, Medianet reports.

    This electric vehicle emits zero carbon emissions and will help reduce Salvos Stores emissions of carbon dioxide by approximately two tonnes each year (per SEA Electric).

    As part of SEA Electric’s philanthropic activities, the SEA Foundation has generously donated an electric vehicle to Salvo’s Stores with an estimated value of approximately $50,000.

    “The SEA Foundation was created by the shareholders of SEA Electric, an Australian automotive technology company that has commercialised 100 percent electric power-system technology for the urban delivery vehicle sector,” SEA Electric Group Managing Director, Tony Fairweather said.

    “In doing so, we are removing many diesel polluting vans and trucks from around the globe and replacing them with zero emission alternatives.

    “Here at SEA Electric, we not only want to improve the impact on the environment, but also to improve the lives of those within our community. We’re excited to donate this vehicle to the Salvation Army, which will assist them in their future charitable endeavours.”

    The donation of this 100 percent electric vehicle will help to further Salvo’s Stores’ commitment to being a more accessible pillar of the community, providing greater support to community by being able to facilitate some last minute collections.

    “We would like to extend our deepest thanks to SEA Electric for the donation of this electric vehicle,” General Manager of Operations, Salvos Stores, Neil Lund said.

    “The donation of this vehicle will allow us to be more versatile in the way we respond to last minute home collection requests, and with the increase in donation volume in the wake of the Marie Kondo craze it couldn’t have come at a better time.”

    Salvos Stores is focusing on minimising impact on the planet by continuously striving for new ways to reduce impact. Introducing the first electric vehicle into its fleet of trucks is a step to a more sustainable future and a new way of operating a large logistics network.

    “We really appreciate the generosity of SEA in providing us with this amazing electric vehicle,” National Director, Salvos Stores, Matt Davis said.

    “Our corporate partners are a vital part of what we are able to do as a charity retailer and this donation opens so many doors for us to be more responsive and agile to our community’s needs.”


    Salvos Stores first charity retailer to utilise electric vehicle, thanks to SEA Electric (Medianet)