Sunday, 21 April 2024

    Reporting charity fraud

    Earlier this year Mirage News surveyed the sector to get a better understanding of how fraud is affecting charities and what we can do to develop an effective counter-fraud culture in future.

    The site will be sharing the results of its fraud survey during Charity Fraud Awareness Week this month (21 to 25 October 2019).

    Recent analysis of reported frauds reveals that charities are continuing to fall victim to the most prevalent threats, such as Mandate, CEO fraud and phishing – all types of ‘social engineering’, involving manipulation or impersonation, usually by email.

    These scams can put your charity’s valuable funds, infrastructure and reputation at risk, but they can be highly sophisticated and hard to detect, fooling even the most experienced and senior people across all sectors.

    To help you report fraud quickly and effectively, Mirage News recently introduced a new online form to report serious incidents in your charity. This can be used whenever you need to report a serious incident to the Charity Commission.


    Reporting charity fraud and working together to prevent it (Mirage News)