Sunday, 21 April 2024

    CEO’s hope for a just world

    Caritas Australia’s new CEO, Kirsty Robertson, has spoken of the renewed urgency with which we must end extreme poverty in our world today, Catholic Outlook reports.

    “People often ask, ‘Is the world we have right now the world that God intended?’ Ours is a world where we have nearly a billion people who will go to bed hungry tonight. I don’t think this is the world that God intended.” Ms Robertson said.

    Caritas Australia has been working with marginalised communities for over 50 years, and in 2018-19 reached 1.52 million people worldwide in 20 countries.

    For Ms Robertson, who was appointed to her role on September 16 and was previously employed with Mary MacKillop Today, said the agency has always been part of her sense of purpose and of her hope for a more just world.

    “One of the wonderful things about working with Caritas is to get to be part of the story of creating a more just world. I don’t think there’s anything more important to do with your life than that,” she said.

    “(As a child) I remember giving to a yellow Project Compassion box. The slogan said Dignity, not Charity, and that prompted a conversation with my mum about the idea that we’re made in the image of God and therefore we all have inherent dignity, which nobody can take away from you”.

    “People talk about their careers, but I feel like this is my vocation and that I have a true calling to serve the poor. Caritas has over 50 years of doing this work; of authentically amplifying the voice of the poor.”


    Caritas Australia’s new CEO driven by hope for a more just world (Catholic Outlook)


    Caritas Australia CEO Kirsty Robertson (second left) poses for a photograph with Bishop Christopher Saunders, Bishop Terence Brady and Bishop Vincent Long during her commissioning ceremony. Image: Caritas Australia.